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But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. 

Isaiah 40:31 
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Today, 9:14 AM ET
Bleacher build-out...beginning Day's beginning to take shape!
Yesterday, 1:01 PM ET
Yesterday while our Sophomores and Juniors were taking the PSAT, our Freshman attended a seminar to discuss internet ethics, college timelines, and how to choose a career based on individual strengths.
Yesterday, 10:41 AM ET
Only today and tomorrow left to order your Yearbook! Don't miss out! Friday is the Deadline!
Yesterday, 9:19 AM ET
New Bleacher build...beginning of Day 2
October 19, 4:51 PM ET
Remember! Only two days left this week to order your Yearbook! Deadline is Friday, 10-21-16.
October 19, 4:38 PM ET
Remember to order Your Yearbook this week! Deadline is Friday, 10-21-16.
October 19, 12:07 PM ET
That big truck seen on campus this morning was delivering the new bleachers for the High School gym! Workers are unloading and organizing materials this morning with assembly beginning later today. Typically, assembly is a 3-5 day process. We have included an image of what the assembled bleachers will look like, although sizes will be different than what is pictured.
October 19, 9:52 AM ET
Our PreK classes have been learning all about our community and the helpers that make our community great. Last week, Mr. Mike Brian visited and showed the students his mail Jeep, talked about the importance of mail, and what he does as a mailman. He also delivered special packages to our students that included coloring sheets, crayons, stickers and play dough. Mr. Brian is a GBA grandparent and we appreciate the time he gave to help our students learn. Thank you, Mr. Brian!
October 18, 3:14 PM ET
Congratulations to our Lower School and Upper School Cross Country runners! Last Saturday, ALL of our GBA runners qualified for the State Competition this Saturday in Knoxville. Our Lower School runners qualified by being in the top 30 individual finishers, and our Upper School runners qualified by being in the top 25 individual finishers. #soarlikeeagles #gbacrosscountry
October 18, 2:39 PM ET
Order Your Yearbook this week! Deadline is Friday, 10-21-16.