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 Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life at Grace Academy


Since the founding of Grace Baptist Academy in 1985, part of our mission has been to work alongside the home and church to train our students to think and live biblically. In keeping with this mission, area youth pastors are invited and encouraged to visit with their students on campus for lunch every month as well as attend various school functions and athletic events. Academy teachers bring the Bible and their faith into every classroom as they help the students develop a firm foundation in their faith. In addition to daily Bible classes, students also have the opportunity to join Bible study groups, prayer groups, weekly chapel, and mentoring programs. 

High school students are required to have a mentor with whom they meet on a regular basis. The student-mentor relationship is designed to encourage accountability and spiritual growth. For many students, this relationship has had a significant impact on their life choices and frequently continues after graduation. 

Spiritual Renewal Week, which takes place in January, is an intensive time to focus on biblical truths. Chapel is held every day with a guest speaker, who also visits with small groups and Bible classes throughout the week for more personal interactions with the students. Over the years, this week has been a time of life-changing decisions in the lives of our students. 

 Grace students are also encouraged to be globally minded to help fulfill the Great Commission “by going into the entire world.” The school has organized mission trips to Utah, Canada, Hungary, Dominican Republic, Peru, and Togo, West Africa. In addition, many students participate in mission trips with their home churches.

9-12th Grade Monthly Mentoring Form