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 Golden Eagle Cheer

Golden Eagle Cheer

High School 2021-2022 Cheer 


 High School 2021-2022 Cheer Roster

Alexis Otting
Allie Ward
Amari Ryburn
Ava Caldwell
Carlie Edwards
Emmy Salley
Gracie Ellison
Heidi Beasley
Isabella York
Julia Flerl
Kinsey Newby
Laura Neil
Megan Hilke
Melanie Blandon
Natalie Burroughs
Sara Rush
Sara Bernard
Sarah Hilke

Middle School 2021-2022 Cheer


The Golden Eagle Cheer Squads put in hard work and determination to bring excellence and encouragement to our Golden Eagle Teams! Their commitment to improving cheer skills, stunts, and routines is an impressive feature of their teams! Their encouragement of their fellow student-athletes as they compete on the field and court is a strong and proud tradition of Grace Athletics!

Please check out the Football and/or Basketball Page for schedules of upcoming events that the GBA Cheer Squads will be participating in!


Head High School Coach, Jessica Box

Head Middle School Coach, Denise Ryburn