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Why Give?

Why should someone give to Grace Academy?  Whether it is the tuition paying parent, the long-gone alumnus, the church member or business owner in the community, why should they consider investing in Grace?  Scroll down to see nine of the many possible answers.


Equip Leaders

Our  alumni both serve and lead in their communities nationally and internationally as educators, entrepreneurs,  pastors, doctors, nurses, lawyers, scientists, musicians and in many professional roles. 


Advance Truth

The goal of a Grace Academy education is to teach young people to think and live Biblically. Supporting tomorrow's leaders today prioritizes the value of truth and the pursuit of wisdom in today's marketplace.


Support Students

Rising costs in education increase the need for financial assistance. Even for full tuition payers there is more than an $1100 gap between a full tuition and the actual cost of education for a student at Grace.


Increase Value

Your support increases the quality of our programs and makes us more attractive in the local marketplace as we compete for students. As giving impacts the quality of our programs it also increases the value and reputation of a diploma from Grace.


Attract Gifts & Grants

Foundations gauge the commitment of our stakeholders by their giving. Specifically, the participation rate in giving speaks to the perceived value of an education from Grace Academy.  Your giving quite literally helps us attract larger gifts.


Target Your Interests

Your giving can help promote your passion.  Giving to student aid, academic support, music programs, athletics or building programs may support a personal interest as well as advance the quality of these programs and our school.


Encourage Gratitude

Giving to something from which we have received benefits - Knowledge, Wisdom, Relationships, Memories -  expresses and encourages gratitude, both for the giver and the recipient of the gift.


Pay It Forward

You can enable others to enjoy the same experience that you have had. Someone else may greatly appreciate the same opportunity!


Double Your Impact

Multiply your gift with a matching donation!  Does your company or business match the charitble giving of its employees?  Would someone match a challenge from you?


What life-giving water is to nature, generosity is to a school environment.  It refreshes and restores the entire community of stakeholders, providing for needs, building resources and strengthening the commitment to the school's purpose.

Your gifts may accomplish many things on campus:

A) Providing financial aid for particular students 

B) Facilitating building, growth and development 

C) Supporting existing programs; adding new ones

Partnerships between faculty and staff, parents, alumni and stakeholders from our community are necessary to the further progress and growth of Grace Baptist Academy, enabling the Light to shine on this corner for many years to come!