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A Word from the School Board Chairman

On behalf of the Grace Baptist Academy School Board, I want to provide a warm welcome to each of you. The school board is comprised of 15 members. This includes the Headmaster, parents with children who attend Grace Baptist Academy, representatives from the official Church Board, and the Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church since the Academy is a ministry of the church. We meet on a monthly basis and our responsibility is to provide wise counsel regarding school policies, finances and the annual budget, and long-range planning.

As outlined in the Grace Baptist Academy mission statement, our faculty and staff are sincerely dedicated to working with you and your children to assist in teaching them to think and live biblically and to provide an environment in which they can thrive physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. The key phrases that summarize this mission are Giving Purpose, Believing Truth, and Achieving Excellence for the glory of God. 

Once again, we welcome each of you and encourage your feedback on anything that can improve Grace Baptist Academy. 

Tom Crum, Chairman