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Grace Academy strives to provide every student with the best possible education, preparing them to function effectively in the society in which they live. The Academy views technology as an important tool in training students to become skilled, knowledgeable, independent, and self-directed lifelong learners. In the twenty-first century, students must become competent in using a broad range of technologies to aid them in acquiring, evaluating, and applying information. 

With this goal and purpose in mind, Grace Academy provides access to an iPad for every student, and each student in grades 5-12 has his/her own iPad. This iPad initiative headlines a coordinated program of technology integration throughout the curriculum at all levels. SmartBoards and multimedia projectors are available in all classrooms and in the media center. Elementary students participate in weekly computer and keyboarding classes as well as use online programs (Accelerated Reader and others) to improve and measure their skills in reading, spelling, and math. 

Students also learn to use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint and explore their creativity with programs such as KidPix. Middle and high school students utilize computers in the lab and the library to perform online research and to prepare papers, projects, and presentations for various subjects.