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Air  Conditioned Gym Will Expand And Improve Use Of Facility!

Installation Coming This May!


It ended just after 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 6. "I have something for you," and with a smile, one of our parents quietly slipped an envelope into my hand. Students passing by at the close of the school day had no way of knowing what had just happened and I was not yet sure myself.

After expressing my thanks for this gift as well as the family's support throughout the years, I took a shortcut through the building on my way to the Financial Office to deposit the check. Ironically, I found myself pausing all alone in the unlit gym. There I opened the envelope confirming that, in fact, the project to air condition that very room had reached the goal of $50,000!

The installation begins in May thanks to the board member who gave the first gift, the parent who gave the last one and all the parents, church members, staff, alumni and business people who gave their gifts since this campaign began in December.  We should all be keenly aware and grateful for God's many blessings upon our Grace community as we continue to unify, grow and move forward into the future together!

Thank You So Much To All Who Prayed And Partnered With Us!