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Air  Conditioned Gym Will Expand And Improve Use Of Facility!

Gift Campaign Targets 2019 Spring Installation!


After evaluating survey responses as well as considering the size and scope of project most appropriate (in the wake of the successful completion of the Fitness Center), a project has been selected and approved by Grace Academy's Administration.

Air conditioning the high school gym  will extend use of our gym by making it fully functional for the late spring, summer and early fall months. This project could greatly expand scheduling options for every segment of our Grace community.

Full use of this facility is severely limited almost half the year due to high levels of heat and humidity. The fact that our gym is generally not even considered for event scheduling bears out this point. When the facility is used, conditions range from very uncomfortable to unbearable. Anyone who has attended a July 4th event or a Back to School Expo can attest to this fact.

Addressing the indoor climate issues will also greatly improve function during our times of highest use. Volleyball games have almost been postponed due to the heat index, basketball games have actually been 'rained out' due to excessive condensation falling from the ceiling. These are the most extreme cases, but they do highlight our indoor climate issues.

Many may only think of the gym as used for athletic practices and games, not realizing that it is used every bit as much for Upper and Lower School Physical Education classes, as well as other student gatherings and activities.

For more than thirty years our students, parents and our guests have known one thing when they come to Grace for a game or event in our gym. Conditions are likely to be unpleasant, possibly even miserable. The fact is, most adults would not work at an indoor job under these conditions.

Air conditioning the gym would free us from these limitations, providing 8000 sq.ft. of usable space that is currently only available to those in workout clothes at certain times of the day for a large part of the year. It  would be the most inexpensive way to add usable space to our campus!

Installation of an air conditioning system will cost nearly $50,000. The best news is that, thanks to generous donors within our Grace family, we now have over $47,500 in cash and pledges  that are specifically designated for this project. This means we need ONLY $15,000 more to be raised during the month of December, so that installation could begin when basketball ends.

To improve conditions that have been tolerated far too long and to expand the use of this facility for everyone, will you please make a donation TODAY to install air conditioning in our gym now!

Follow the link to the "Giving" page, scroll down to "Gift Designation" and select "Gym Air Conditioning" from the drop-down menu.