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The following Development Plan was introduced less than 3 months before the Easter tornado of April 12, 2020.  The scope of our school's development shifted overnight to a much broader perspective.   As we anticipate the rebuilding of our campus, many if not most of these elements will be included in our future plans.  

For that reason, we have left this page up to inform your understanding as we move forward together!

Comprehensive Development Plan 

The new Development Plan for Grace Academy has been crafted over the last several months with input from our Faculty, Administration, Capital Project Committee and School Board members. Other valuable input has come from our development advisors (Development & Leadership Coaching) and architects (Rardin and Carroll).

We strongly believe that Grace Academy is school where God transforms hearts, minds and futures! What we have also discovered in the process is that Grace Academy is being transformed, too. But it is our conviction that transformation must be evident - it has to show!

Consequently, we have moved from thinking in terms of individual projects to a comprehensive development plan comprised of a series of three "Giving-Driven" steps to transform the future of Grace Academy. These steps are 'giving-driven' in the sense that we can have these things and experience these changes as God provides the resources to complete each part of our overall plan.





What Giving Has Accomplished... ($750,000)



What Giving Will Accomplish... ($1.5 Million)


Our ENTRYWAYS are an immediate priority.This includes entries to our campus and each of four buildings.

An Amphitheater would enhance both classroom and performance activities. 

Black Box Theater would better serve some performances that are outsized in the church auditorium. 

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A program that integrates several disciplines would be impacted by developing and building a STEAM and/or Robotics Lab for Upper School. 

This giving goal includes five years of those priorities addressed by our annual fund, BRIDGES of GRACE.

Although we must have a starting point in Step 2, we will succeed much sooner if people support the whole step rather than the individual projects that comprise it!


What Giving Can Accomplish...


  • With continued student growth it will become necessary to return classrooms that are currently repurposed as locker rooms, training room and athletic office to their original use. Consequently, one of the next objectives would be to build out Phase II of the Grace Fitness Center  in order to relocate these functions.

  • With the continued growth of the Fine Arts Department and an increasing number of performances, a need will be established for a completely dedicated Fine Arts Facility .

  • Expansion will be an issue with continued growth. The acquisition of adjacent land  on Jenkins Rd. would completely fill out our ‘rectangle’ of land and give us the room for further development.

  • With the outdoor amphitheater in place for community activities and performances, adding tennis courts  for use by students, teams, church members and community at large would further our philosophy of becoming a 'community interactive' campus.

  • Exercise/Fitness trails  would also contribute to opening up our campus. Divided into groups of stations, these trails have flexibility in terms of installation both in groups and in stages. It has recently been suggested that this could be configured into a ‘Prayer Walk / Praise Walk' as well.