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Transforming Grace: Rebuilding Our School

Just before midnight on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020, the campus of Grace Baptist Church and Academy took a direct hit by a category 3 tornado causing catastrophic damage in less than two minutes. The Children's Center (early childhood learning) is repairable and is a high priority to reopen as soon as possible, however, the remaining facilities and property must be rebuilt. As quickly as the landscape of our campus changed on Sunday night, so did our development plan for future improvements of our ministry.  A plan that had focused on the addition of facilities and programs was largely an ongoing remodel: now it is a rebuild. Therefore, in God's sovereign plan, the ministries of Grace Baptist Church and Academy are about to be transformed!

Positive Outcomes Are Possible :

1) Pieced together over a number of years as we acquired property, our campus will now benefit from a comprehensive and cohesive plan.

2) We will not be working under some of the limitations that guided our building construction style and materials in the past.

3) Much of our previously announced development plan may be able to be directly incorporated as we move forward.

4) In the long run (ironically enough), the rebuild may take less time than the complete remodel would have taken.

5) We will experience together the same joy and anticipation of building something new that our original student body and parents once did.

Ways To Help Grace Academy :

1) Pray for us: pray for those who are organizing and making critical decisions; pray for the students and teachers, particularly the seniors; pray for the organization of the coming school year.

2) Identify with us: all of our friends and 'Grace' with us.

3) Tell our story; you never know who may be able to respond and lend a helping hand.

4) Support Grace and our future with your gifts of love.

Rebuild Our Campus And Future:

Understandably, many of our Grace family have shared their feelings of grief and loss over this tragic event.  However, it is important to remember this:  We have only lost our House - we have not lost our Home!  God knew this would happen and allowed it to happen.  He has an exciting plan for the next chapter of our ministry.  

We will redesign and rebuild our campus to provide improved and expanded ministries.  To accomplish this, it will take more than just the funds provided by the eventual insurance settlement.  As God blesses through the participation of His people, we can rebuild to serve our community with a greater impact than ever before! Will you join us as our great GOD TRANSFORMS GRACE?

Before & After...

High School 


Middle School


Elementary School


Fitness Center


High School Gym


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