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Whether teaching a class, giving personalized instruction or participating in activities with their students, the faculty of Grace Academy brings professional expertise, years of experience, life lessons and spiritual insights to the ministry of transforming young hearts, minds and futures!  

The Deepest Hope of Faculty and Staff of GBA: 
We help our students recognize, accept, and embrace their Adoption into the Royal Family of God, while serving as Ambassadors to the kingdom of mankind. Regardless of their ethnicity, culture, economic status, or abilities we love every student as image-bearers of our Creator God.  We want every student to become followers of Jesus Christ finding true unity and belonging in our GBA family.  We do all we can to provide every opportunity needed for each student to succeed in our school and beyond.

For more information about our faculty and staff personnel in both the Lower and Upper Schools, click on the links below.

Each year our School Board honors specific members of our faculty and staff on completed "years of service" at our annual Christmas Dinner.  We feel that recognizing the exceptional service of our employees is God-honoring and expresses gratitude for their hard work. This inspiring ceremony is something we look forward to every year as we celebrate our teammates' deep commitment and giftedness.