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 Tribal Communities

Upper School Tribal Communities

The Dignitas tribe emphasizes the importance of respect. God’s will for us is to show respect to everyone no matter how different each person may be. God's word tells us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Dignitas strives to treat everyone with respect and portray a Christ-like attitude towards others.

The Fidelis Tribe focuses students on the importance of Loyalty. God remains faithful and loyal even when we are not. Fidelis strives to understand that God will never leave nor forsake us and to help us learn how God continuously loves us regardless of our mistakes.

The Veritas tribe helps students understand the importance of Truth. God’s word is truth, and this should influence everything we do. Veritas strives to learn how God’s truth affects all areas of our lives, and strives to always speak the truth in love to help others grow closer to Christ.

The Virtus tribe highlights the importance of Courage to our students. God's word commands us to be strong and courageous, having no fear and to be of good cheer. Virtus strives to learn how God gives us strength and courage in every situation we may face in life and to encourage us to lean on Christ.

Each Tribe is led by an "Administrative Chief" and competes in a comprehensive award system throughout the school year.   Faculty members serve as Family Leaders of 10-15 students within one of these Tribes.   Students enter a Tribe and stay until graduation but may move to another family within that Tribe.   Each Tribe is named with a Latin term representing a key character quality, an identifying color, and mascot.   Each Tribe has a banner with their tribal "shield" (logo) hanging on our HS Gym wall.

Within each Grace tribe, we have Grace families. Each student is in a Family (a small group where we seek to build relationships between the grades and sexes): Families are about community, fun, academic encouragement, and spiritual discipleship. A faculty or staff member leads each Family and gets to spend 30-60 minutes each day with them. We have chapel each week and we spend the day after chapel discussing about what we learned by having in depth open conversations. It is a great time where students can personally share how things are going in their lives and how they see God at work. We are able to pray for each other and make those special connections of "being known."