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 SOAR 6.0

SOAR 6.0

Sixth Grade students will be
Oriented to successfully launch to the next level of life and learning by
Active and engaging methods that will result in
Respectful communication, honorable conduct & a diligent work ethic.

SOAR 6.0 strategically moves fifth graders from elementary to secondary education by building on good habits already formed and developing new skills for the next level. With a sensitivity to the strong nurturing environment of the "nest of elementary", we train them in school disciplines and culture to ensure an effective launch into our Upper School. The program engages students with age-appropriate methods using active learning experiences and also develops positive social/emotional growth. We promote a God-centered worldview and Christian character resulting in diligent work ethic, respectful communication and honorable conduct by our students. A GBA student will finish sixth grade demonstrating an exceptional ability to interact with adults and peers alike. Upon completion of sixth grade, the student will have gained independent study skills and be well-prepared to successfully perform at the secondary level.

For more information on SOAR 6.0, please contact our Director, Beth Smith